I admit that I chose my outfit for church carefully this morning. I got dressed hoping it would be my last Sunday being pregnant. Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks, and I know it’s obvious, but Camryn could really be here (and will be here) any day now. I didn’t get any pictures of the nursery yet. I want to get them when there’s good light, and, well, I was reading/taking a nap when the light was streaming in the… Read more »

On Monday, RyAnn and I had official Ry and Meg day. First we went to the Botanical Gardens so I could take pictures of Brock and Braxton. It was really fun! Then we headed to the zoo for a few hours. After a quiet afternoon, we finished off the evening with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, just the two of us. It was a great day! I’m about to be a big fat follower. I’ve seen these videos on several… Read more »

Blogliners, come see my video. I promise you, it’s a good one! Edited to add-The song is Capri by Colbie Callait. It’s a great one!

I really like taking videos with my camera. Here is one of Logan. He was supposed to sing Happy Birthday to Pawpaw (Happy Birthday, Pawpaw! Even if it is a few days late on the blog…) As you can see from the video, Logan was having a 2 year old moment. And he was also too busy picking his nose. And here is a video of the type of thing I get to listen to all day. It is about… Read more »