Monday in Destin was pretty cloudy and rainy.  We spent the majority of the day shopping at a great outlet mall.  (I am trying to write this quickly and I can’t think of anything more creative or witty to say about Monday.  Plus it’s been a solid two weeks, so remembering what we did is going to be a challenge!) Tuesday morning it was cloudy again, so we took a nice walk down to the beach.  By the time I… Read more »

We were up and and ’em bright and early on Saturday morning for the drive to Florida.  I’m always pleasantly surprised by my kids on long car trips.  I mean, they really do have it made with the dvd player, iphones/itouch, dsi, etc.  We also stop every few hours to stretch, pee, eat, and play.  That means it takes us a little longer overall, but happy kids=happy traveling. We stopped for lunch at the Louisiana/Mississippi border (sidenote: it has become… Read more »

I know that there are about a million things I’ve missed blogging about in the last month.  Things like the staples Logan had to get in his head after a trampoline accident followed by strep throat and a cold making it’s way through our family.  Soccer and baseball season have started, and we got a new car kind of on a whim even though we’ve talked about it off and on for awhile.  Maybe I’ll come back and blog about… Read more »

I’m going to attempt to go back and blog about our vacation to California we took back in May.  It was only 2.5 months ago, but man, it already feels like it was forever ago while at the same time seeming like it was just yesterday.  I think that is the paradox of time and getting older.  Things seem like they were just yesterday but at the same time a distant memory.  Weird. It’s almost midnight.  I feel a little… Read more »

I love Patrick and Noel.  They are seriously two of my favorite people in the world, and I’m so lucky that they are family!  What’s not lucky is the fact that Derek and I lived in California from 2000-2005, and Patrick and Noel moved their in 2007.  What’s up with that?!  I’ve been trying my best to convince them to move back to Texas, but so far all of my efforts have been futile.  I mean, I should be surprised. … Read more »