I’ve let another month go by without blogging!  I have the best intentions of making time to blog again, but it’s just not happening.  I definitely have a great excuse, and I won’t complain.  But maybe, just maybe, 2013 will be the Year I Start to Blog Again.  There is much to write about…Christmas, our trip to San Fransisco, Connor’s birthday, and more.  But today I’m just going to share about Sullivan since this blog is kind of like a… Read more »

Lately, it’s all about the iphone pics for me.  Maybe someday I’m going to regret that I didn’t take more pictures with my real camera, but my phone is just so easy and convenient.  And I love Instagram (megan_thurman if you are on there and want to follow.)  It’s become my go-to social media app, and I share way more often on there than on Facebook or Twitter. Since Sullivan’s birth, I’ve taken over 300 cell phone pictures.  Not all… Read more »

I would say it’s hard to believe that Sullivan is already one month old, and part of me is amazed that a month has gone by already.  But maybe I’ve just come to terms with the fact that time is flying, so it doesn’t seem as mind boggling that he’s a month old.  Some parts of this month have honestly dragged by.  But I know that I will look back in a few years (or maybe even sooner) and wistfully… Read more »

It was so fun having family and friends meet Sullivan for the first time.  My mom and Derek’s parents were all at the hospital for the birth, so they were some of the first to meet the newest family member.  Proud grandparents! I was so excited when the kids arrived to meet their little brother.  They were all so excited to see and to hold Sullivan! We also had other friends come up to the hospital to visit.  I love… Read more »