I feel like I still have so many posts I need to catch up on (hello, Disneyland!  Kindergarten graduation! And I’m sure there’s more that I’m not thinking of off the top of my head right now.)  But after today’s swim meet, I felt compelled to go back and look at pictures and the video of Logan’s first swim meet, which was two weeks ago. Let me just start at the beginning of this story.  This is our third year… Read more »

Last fall, we signed Connor up for his first season on soccer. While it started out being fun, I wasn’t sure he would ever want to play again. So here we are a year later. He insisted over and over again that he wanted to play, so we signed him up. His first practice was last night, and it was great! He actually participated in all the drills, laughed, smiled, and just had a super fun time. The pictures: Little… Read more »