It’s been awhile since I’ve had a scrappy post, and it’s definitely about time.  While I don’t scrapbook as much as I once did (I think it was 2003-2004 when I literally scrapped 5-7 pages a week), I still bust out the old supplies every once in awhile.  And every time, I wonder why I don’t make more time to be crafty.  I truly love this hobby, and now I’ve been at it long enough that I can see how… Read more »

-I completed yet another task of operation prepare for baby girl. Derek pulled down my bins of newborn clothes, towels, blankets, etc. I spent all afternoon going through clothes, organizing gifts and things I’ve purchased, and trying to decide just how many blankets, washcloths, hooded towels, and baby nightgowns are necessary. All the clothes I have so far are organized in her dresser-yahoo for being productive! I also cleaned out the junk in her closet, and sent Derek up and… Read more »

Okay, I’ll admit that I forgot that today was Earth Day until I read a blog this morning that mentioned it.  And I’ll also admit that I’m not the “greenest” person around.  But I still value this earth that God gave us, and I try and do my part to take care of it.  That may only look like teaching my kids not to litter, but it’s s start. That reminds me of a story.  At Connor’s t-ball game on… Read more »

Last night, I got home from here. That’s California, in case you can’t tell. I left last Friday morning for five fun filled (and work filled) days. I got to spend Friday and most of Saturday with Patrick and Noel, and then Sunday through Wednesday with some of the best girls I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Corinne, Jessica, Carrie (and Erica and Jenny who aren’t in this pic) are fellow scrapbookers/wives/mothers/Christians/friends who I seriously cannot say enough good things… Read more »

Just finished up this page. This is my niece, Abby. Cindi, thanks for the picture! It was absolutely perfect with these papers!