I really do love traditions, and taking pictures of the kids getting off the bus every year on the first and last day of school is one of my faves. New school, new bus, new bus stop friends…it’s all new this year.  Our new bus driver has some big shoes to fill because I pretty much think that our old bus driver, Mr. James, was the best bus driver in the world.  I’m sure our new one is a nice… Read more »

Don’t mistake my title for mixed emotions on my part.  The happy day is how I feel about it, and sad is a little more how the boys feel about it.  That’s how it always goes for us.  I love, love, love my kids.  But oh my word, by the end of summer, I am beyond ready for some routine and some space.  We all need a break from each other!  We had a great summer (and maybe one of… Read more »

This morning Camryn started her first day of pre-k!  Even though she’s going to the same school she went to last year, and it’s just three days a week, it still feels so official that this is her last year before big school. In theory, Camryn has been really excited about starting school.  She loves to do big kid things like the boys, and she definitely loved picking out her Hello Kitty backpack, lunchbox, school supplies, first day of school… Read more »

For the first year ever, my kids were both really excited about the first day of school.  The Friday before school started, we headed up to the school to meet their teachers.  Connor and Logan are both really excited about who they have this year, although Connor was a little disappointed that his good friends from class last year are all in a class together and he is in a different class.  But, after a pep talk from his third… Read more »