It feels a bit like the final baby countdown is on. Connor was born at about 37 weeks.  Logan and Camryn were both born just a day before their due date.  Will this little guy hang out until October 11?  Or will he come early?  Who knows!  Part of me really hopes he’s just a week or two early.  I’m trying hard to enjoy these last few weeks, these last baby kicks and nightly hiccups.  But let’s just be real. … Read more »

Because it’s true. Back in February, I took a pregnancy test fully expecting to see just one line.  Well, wouldn’t you know, that second line showed up.  So I took another, and there was that second pink line again.  I panicked just a bit (just ask my friends RyAnn and Laura!).  I did what any logical person would do and continued to take multiple pregnancy tests over the next week.  Each one showed that line darker and faster.  This is… Read more »

There is a 75% chance that 75% of you are RIGHT! It looks like it’s going to be a girl!! She was being quite modest during most of the ultrasound, but Kathy and I both saw the three lines of girl parts. And we definitely did not see any boy parts! Unfortunately, we didn’t print any pictures. Every time we would see the money shot, she would move away before Kathy could freeze the frame. I can’t wait for my… Read more »

Wow, that was some party! It was SO much fun. Well, as much fun as it can be if you are pregnant and having the allergy attack of the universe. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I started sneezing around noon and did not stop. This morning I am pretty miserable, but I am pretty sure it’s just allergies and not the start of getting sick. At least I hope it is! I did take pictures, but I… Read more »