Yup, that’s his name so far. He’s named after Austin from The Backyardigans, and it conveniently flows pretty well with our cat named Dallas. Monday afternoon I got an email from church about a dog that needed a home. You may remember back in June when we first discussed getting a dog. So the dog idea is not completely new, and I decided to call the family about him. Within 15 minutes, we were at their house playing with him…. Read more »

I’ll be back later to share all the details of how yesterday we came to be dog owners!

First of all, no, I am not pregnant. On our way home from dinner tonight, I casually mentioned that I wanted to get a dog. We’ve talked about it before, like one of those things that we will do eventually. But tonight, we actually had a serious conversation about getting a dog maybe this summer sometime! There are a few really specific things we want (and by we, I mean me. Because while Derek is a-ok with getting a dog… Read more »