The boys sat in front of the tv for no less than 6 hours today because I declared it an official “media day”. I’ve never really had to put a lot of controls on their tv and video game time.  During the school year, we are busy enough that it’s not really an issue.  And, since I’m married to a man who I think is pretty great and also loves to play video games, it’s not like I’m completely against… Read more »

My plan forever has been for the boys to share a room. We briefly tried it out about a year ago, but it just didn’t work yet. No big deal at the time. Well, now with number 3 on the way, they need to share a room. I figured by April I wanted Logan transitioned to the bunk bed, so that way I have plenty of time to decorate the nursery of my dreams. A few weeks ago, Logan started… Read more »

Yesterday I tried to sneak some m&m’s, and I got caught by Connor. Now, normally I would do one of two things: either eat them when he is asleep, or resign to sharing some of my yummy treats. Sharing was not an option yesterday since Connor was on restriction from all treats and privileges due to a little incident involving the playground, my son, spit, and another child. But it was a stressful afternoon, and I needed that chocolate. Connor… Read more »

I feel a little tap on my arm, followed by a whispered “mommy? mommy?” I had only been asleep for about 3 hours. I forced my reluctant eyes open. “mommy? There’s a crab in my bed. It snapped at my clothes.” That was the first of four conversations I got to have with my dear children between 3:45 and 6:15. God love ’em. I’m glad today is a school day for them. (Emily and anyone else who was wondering…Logan is… Read more »