I can’t believe the school year is done already!  This year flew by so fast.  The boys both had a great year.  We loved their teachers, they made great friends, learned a lot, had fun, and grew and grew and grew.  it’s hard to believe I now have a 2nd and a 4th grader!  Seems like just yesterday they were these tiny little boys. And now here is Logan on his last day of first grade: And Connor on his… Read more »

Sometimes my kids surprise and delight me with how they interact with each other.  Today we had one of those moments, which was much appreciated considering how they fought and bickered and whined and cried most of Saturday. I woke up this morning and I could hear Connor and Camryn happily playing together.  It was lovely, and a far cry from the frantic shrieking “nooooooo!!!” that woke us up on Saturday morning because someone had touched something belonging to someone… Read more »

This little guy who is now this no-so-little guy (he’s pushing 5 feet tall-crazy!) turned 9 years old on Christmas eve. How did that even happen? He is still our same Connor in so many ways, but in other ways he is so different.  I can see glimpses and signs that he is growing up, like the way he is willing to try any new food and has a new found love of sushi.  We’ve had some tough years with… Read more »

I’m starting to feel like we’re really getting the hang of this whole first day of school thing.  Including preschool, this makes the 6th official first day of school for Connor, and the 5th for Logan.  They’ve all been chronicled on the blog, and being the sappy person that I am, I felt compelled to go back and look at them all.  I still think Connor’s kindergarten year is my favorite.   And for anyone who wants to take a walk… Read more »

Before Christmas, Connor’s class learned how to write formal letters.  Thus began Connor’s letter writing craze.  Sometimes he writes letters of apology.  Sometimes it’s an invitation.  But they are always entertaining (well, to me at least!) For example… Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I would like a Harry Potter skateboard.  I think I deserve it because I’m doing really good in school and I have agood grades and my mom thinks it’s a good idea.  I want it because… Read more »