Before I had kids, I always pictured myself as that stay at home mom who loved to bake with her kids.  I really do enjoy baking (hello, cookie dough.  I love you forever and ever.)  But baking with my kids?  Not so much.  The boys burst that bubble long ago.  Connor had pretty much zero interest in helping in kitchen.  I can remember one time baking cupcakes with him and it being an enjoyable thing.  The other times he either… Read more »

Okay, so maybe she’s 4 and 2 months now, but better late than never, right?  In my quest to get back into blogging, I figured I could go back and catch up on some big things that happened this summer. And in the world of Camryn, turning 4 definitely falls into the category of Big Things. We always start with presents first thing in the morning.  She was clearly super excited about what might be inside this one.  I love… Read more »

This morning Camryn started her first day of pre-k!  Even though she’s going to the same school she went to last year, and it’s just three days a week, it still feels so official that this is her last year before big school. In theory, Camryn has been really excited about starting school.  She loves to do big kid things like the boys, and she definitely loved picking out her Hello Kitty backpack, lunchbox, school supplies, first day of school… Read more »

I’m just sure that someday these pictures are going to be famous once Camryn makes it to the 2024 summer Olympics (which will be held in Paris, by the way. Awesome! Vacation in Paris!) Oh wait…as much as she loves gymnastics, she’s kind of a giant plus I think we as a family lack the focus and attention (not to mention funds) it would take to bring up an Olympic gymnast. But either way, she loved gymnastic this year. On… Read more »

Partly inspired by Cindi, partly inspired from a party favor Camryn received last week. Favorite Friend: Adelaide Favorite Place: Disneyland Favorite Color: Red Favorite Movie: Eloise Favorite Music: Francine Favorite Food: Apples Yuckiest Food: eggs Favorite Animal: Dallas (our cat) Favorite Song: Jingle Bells Favorite toy: Dollhouse and princesses Favorite thing to do with daddy: Get animals at the store Favorite thing to do with mommy: play on the bounce house Favorite thing to do with Connor and Logan: play… Read more »