I really do love traditions, and taking pictures of the kids getting off the bus every year on the first and last day of school is one of my faves. New school, new bus, new bus stop friends…it’s all new this year.  Our new bus driver has some big shoes to fill because I pretty much think that our old bus driver, Mr. James, was the best bus driver in the world.  I’m sure our new one is a nice… Read more »

Don’t mistake my title for mixed emotions on my part.  The happy day is how I feel about it, and sad is a little more how the boys feel about it.  That’s how it always goes for us.  I love, love, love my kids.  But oh my word, by the end of summer, I am beyond ready for some routine and some space.  We all need a break from each other!  We had a great summer (and maybe one of… Read more »

Last year, we joined in with a group of our friends and signed our kids up for the Houston Kids Triathlon.  We really had no idea what to expect, but it seemed like a fun idea.  The kids really liked it, so I decided to go ahead and sign them up again this year.  I ended up not getting to see them race last year because of a girls trip that had been planned forever, so nothing was going to… Read more »

I’ve let another month go by without blogging!  I have the best intentions of making time to blog again, but it’s just not happening.  I definitely have a great excuse, and I won’t complain.  But maybe, just maybe, 2013 will be the Year I Start to Blog Again.  There is much to write about…Christmas, our trip to San Fransisco, Connor’s birthday, and more.  But today I’m just going to share about Sullivan since this blog is kind of like a… Read more »

Before I had kids, I always pictured myself as that stay at home mom who loved to bake with her kids.  I really do enjoy baking (hello, cookie dough.  I love you forever and ever.)  But baking with my kids?  Not so much.  The boys burst that bubble long ago.  Connor had pretty much zero interest in helping in kitchen.  I can remember one time baking cupcakes with him and it being an enjoyable thing.  The other times he either… Read more »