This morning Camryn started her first day of pre-k!  Even though she’s going to the same school she went to last year, and it’s just three days a week, it still feels so official that this is her last year before big school.

In theory, Camryn has been really excited about starting school.  She loves to do big kid things like the boys, and she definitely loved picking out her Hello Kitty backpack, lunchbox, school supplies, first day of school clothes, and new shoes.

But when push comes to shove, she gets nervous.  She’s always been wary of new situations and big groups.  She’s always so quiet at school, so shy, which is really not her personality at home or in smaller groups where she knows everyone.  It’s honestly something that worries me a little.  How will she do next year in a big class of 20 something kids?  Will she ever open up in class?  Will she make good friends?  Luckily I’m married to an amazing, rational, level-headed guy who brings me back to reality when I start to obsess about these things.  He gently reminds me that he is the exact same way in big groups.  And he’s turned out pretty darn great.  I flat out don’t understand shyness–I could talk to a wall!  But our sweet, shy little princess is who she is, and I don’t need to be worried that she’ll never talk in class or make friends because I know she will in her own time.

I always spend a little more time with her at the first day drop off, but we can only delay the inevitable for so long.  Look at that little face!  Sweet girl. I’m so thankful for loving, patient teachers who make the drop off as easy as possible for my girl.

As I walked out, I looked back one last time.  She saw me, and in that moment, I think we both knew everything was going to be okay.  We’re ready for this.

Now I can’t wait to pick her up and hear all the little details of her day.  And in the meantime, I plan to fully embrace the quietness of this house and enjoy lunch with a friend.  I need to soak up this last month of peace and normalcy before I enter the stage of newborn fog and chaos once again!

2 thoughts on “Pre-k or bust

  1. Danielle Calhoun

    aww, so sweet!!! Hayden has almost that exact same skirt for her first day in preschool too! (she starts in 2 weeks) I am glad you are back to blogging, I am too. I took far too long off and it feels nice to be doing it again.

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