For the past few weeks, I have been in a creative slump. I love to scrapbook. I love to make stuff. But for the past 3 weeks or so, I am just not in the mood. I’ve been doing lots of reading and lots of watching Veronica Mars. Did you know you can check out entire seasons of shows from the library? Anyway, I digress. I have not been feeling creative, I just felt like curling up with a good book or my shows.

But I am starting to feel the tingle of a creative surge looking at my friend Carrie’s new papers! I got to know Carrie through an online scrapbooking site awhile ago, and had the pleasure of meeting her in real life back in January. She is truly one of the most Godly, loving, compassionate, and fun people ever, and I am so thrilled for her latest adventure–staring her own scrapbook company, Paper Trunk! I can’t wait to play with these papers, and I just know that Paper Trunk and Miss Carrie are going places! So here is a shout out to my friend Carrie and her super cute papers!


2 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. cares

    oh my goodness!!!! YOU rock my friend! I’m so blessed to call you friend! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

    Veronica is at the library, huh?

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